Pegasus 125

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Compatible with our Leather Pegging Harness and Suction Cup Base

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Giddy-up, buttercup. Pegasus is in one hell of a rutting mood, and you're the nearest mare available. This long, girthy equine fantasy toy will hollow you out completely, with a hefty step-up in girth once you grind over its textured medial ring. Prepare to lose yourself in everything this hefty stallion has to offer.

Compatible with our Suction Cup Base and Leather Pegging Harness

Pegasus 105
Max Circumference 12.5
Max Diameter 4
Head Circumference 9.8
Head Diameter 3.1
Insertable 13
Pegasus 105
Max Circumference 31.8
Max Diameter 10.2
Head Circumference 24.9
Head Diameter 7.9
Insertable 33

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Pegasus 125
2.799 kr | Blue Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very nice ride and I am using it as a stepping stone to my new Mordax 135

I have never met such a big toy that was so much fun to ride. When I received it by Canada Post i couldn't wait to try it.
The X-lube came out and the Pegasus 125 slipped right in. I have met my new morning stretching partner. I am not sur but I went BALLS DEEP on the first ride. Now i am working on taking the 2nd toy of my order the Mordax 135 i am only 1/2 of the way down that one..

Thanks Topped Toys for making my hole even hungrier.
Next purchase is most likely Grip 150 or Gape Keeper 140

Just hits me right

I wanted a horsey toy but the 105 wasn’t the right size for me, so I waited… my patience paid off because these guys delivered the 125. The soft material and HD texture combined with the “super-sized” horsey shape is mind blowing. When his head nudges your 2nd ring his medial ring is prancing on your first, it’s an amazingly smooth ride with just enough texture. And once you’re saddled in balls deep you will not last long.

Love it!!!

I love this new size.... Gives my cunt a good stretch and takes me to a whole new level of pleasure.

Massive Mind Fuck & Pussy Wrecking Pleasure

Mere days before Topped Toys announced the Pegasus 125, I had been pondering getting the 105 (the Pegasus and the Juicer had been the only two lines I hadn’t tried a size of yet). Fortune was in my favour and the launch was just two days away. I was eagerly awaiting ordering it as soon as went live on the website and an hour after placing my order, I had already gotten the shipping notification! (They don’t mess around when it comes to shipping - and even during busier sales when it might take a day or two, it’s more than worth the wait!).

When the package arrived and I opened it, the feel of it in my hands with its heft, girth, and ridges on the medial ring was even better than I could have imagined! The Forge Red pour was beautiful, as always - each toy being its own unique piece of art, never to have an exact duplicate. Huge toys like this are just as much of a mind fuck as they are hole fuck. I didn’t get a chance to play with it for two days and last night I was finally able to…. "Wow!" is all I have to say. I warmed my hole up with a Hilt and Gape Keeper and that helped the head of the Pegasus pop in quite nicely. The feeling of a big flat head on a toy always feels so good. The sloshing of the lube sucking around my hole and the head of the Pegasus had me feeling absolutely feral. Taking it deeper inside me was smooth and incredibly pleasurable. As I neared the medial ring, I slowed down and then quickened the strokes as I was riding it. The shape of the head is absolutely amazing! I’ve had other horse dildos that have big heads, but the shape of this with the raised portion on one side really did something wonderful to my insides. And I couldn’t stop riding it. Eventually I had to stop to give my legs a break, but by that point, it had milked a good amount of cum from my cock that had dripped down and was swinging around like the ropes of X-lube from the toy. Knowing that it was so deep inside me and seeing it out of my hole kept feeding my hunger.

I couldn’t stay off of it for long. I had the Sex Tapes (Shadows by DJ Kees Kool) playing in my earbuds and it had me in such a good headspace - submissive, hungry, and needing my hole stretched. The second ride, I took it right down to the medial ring and let the texture grind my hole. The depth at that point along with the girth was giving me the most incredible anal orgasm and I just kept grinding harder and harder, letting the pleasure take over my entire body. The texture is definitely one of the best parts of the toy. Other toys like this can get deep, but this texture just sent me off: moaning like a slut in heat while writhing on the thick silicone and imaging its what its heft and girth must look like from the inside - total mind fuck. Pulling out, more cum squirt from my soft cock (Locktober had ended the day before, so I wasn't in chastity, but my cock still knew its place and wanted to stay small). The pop out of the head felt so good (and sounded good too!). I couldn’t resist one more ride, and so, for a third time, I let this beast of a toy ruin my insides and send me into a babbling, euphoria.

It was so good, I needed to take a few minutes to lie down on the floor and just let the pleasure consume me. My hole was satisfied, my mind was sufficiently satisfied, and I took in each breath of the meditative few minutes: complete bliss. Cleaning my toys after, I had the biggest smile on my face, stroking the smooth silicone as the water washed away the X-Lube and the wetness from deep inside my now thoroughly wrecked pussy.

Needless to say, this easily has become one of my favourite toys. I purposely didn’t ride it deeper on the first go so that I can enjoy that pleasure on my next rides. I love that I’ve become an even hungrier submissive hole with each bigger toy that I take. Topped Toys never disappoint on performance, pleasure, and aesthetic. Everything is designed with intention and to feel good, be practical, and make for the best user experience. Pegasus 125 certainly did not disappoint! Do yourself a favour and add this to your stable - everyone can use another huge horse cock dildo. Mount it, ride it, and let it fuck you into realms of pleasure that will have you completely addicted :)

Orgasmic Hole Experience

OMH - this was my first-ever toy from Topped Toys. I was browsing for a new toy and found this. From the moment I read the description, my hole awaited. I ordered on a Thursday evening, with an ETA of the following Weds. To my delight, I got a notification my order was coming Monday morning. I have never been so eager for Canada Post to arrive. I had not even opened the box, and I was hard as a rock. Yes, it's a work day, but I work from home. I stripped off and went into the shower. I lubed up, opened my hole with my go-to warm-up toy, and then onto this beast. There were loud groans and F?@!xK me's. This the head on the inside milked me instantly, the nobs and sides of the head hitting all the right spots. Up, down, up, down, kept coming. I then dropped over the ridges for another orgasmic explosion. I released myself from the beast for a quick rest. I did have to quickly warm up my hole again before continuing play as my arse muscles had contracted in retaliation to a fucking good ride! WOW. Plus: Once you have this beast in you, you won't want it out. Fast discreet shipping. Note: You have to be able to relax a fair bit to get the head in, but worth the effort!