It's a toy! But what IS it?

It's a toy! But what IS it?

Walk into any sex shop or just log into Amazon and you'll quickly realize there are a TON of sex toy makers out there. They range from discount dildos from China to top-quality handmade pieces of insertable art. What sets these things apart is the material and design.

What is Platinum Silicone?

High-end insertables are made of 100% platinum silicone. It's the same thing used in medical devices and for special effects in the movie industry. It's certified to be used in skin contact applications, is hypo-allergenic, can be easily disinfected, is non-porous, doesn't degrade when cared for properly, and can be made in different firmness levels to simulate the feeling of the real thing. It's the safest and most comfortable thing that a toy can be made of.

Why Platinum Silicone Toys Cost More?

Due to the high cost of raw materials and their temperament in the pouring process, most platinum silicone toys need to be handmade. That's why discount manufacturers often use other materials like cheaper rubbers, plastics, or silicone blends. These cheaper materials will start to fall apart or become tacky as the rubber degrades, potentially introducing those chemicals into your body. They also are usually much firmer which can make it easier to injure yourself with a toy.

Which Toys Should I Watch Out For?

Before buying your next toy you should check to see what it's made of, and beware that some manufacturers may try to trick you by using trademarked terms like silicone gel, silicone jelly, or others. These are not platinum silicone. You should also beware of cheaper industrial grade silicones like tin-cured silicone which is not meant for body contact. You should especially be careful of any toys that have an outer shell covering an inner shell. In addition to the obvious question, "Why did the inner core need to be covered," two-layer toys also raise questions about what epoxies or glues were used to glue the two parts together. As the toy ages, these compounds will likely come into contact with your body and they may not be safe.

If the manufacturer doesn't say it's made of 100%platinum silicone, then it's not.

Experience In Sex Toy Design

The second thing to look at when you buy a toy is the overall design. There's a lot more to designing a fun and safe toy than putting a cone on top of a cylinder. The anatomy of the human body is complex, and the most fun toys are designed to work with it. Designers who are experienced in play are much better equipped to make fun toys. For example, the length of the neck on a plug will determine where you’ll feel the pressure – a painful place or a pleasurable place. So buy a toy from a company that has a great reputation. Not only will you have something that's safer and longer lasting, you'll get much more pleasure from it because it will hit you in all the RIGHT places.