The Grip 126: Falling on Your First Four-Incher

The Grip 126: Falling on Your First Four-Incher

Do you salivate over size? So do we. Taking your first four-inch wide plug is a milestone you won’t forget. And, if you’ve got a high quality four-incher you’ll likely keep coming back for more because the thrill of being stretched so wide is addicting.

My first few attempts at getting to four inches failed miserably. The plugs I was using were very firm, forcing my hole and hips to accommodate an uncomfortable shape. Getting them in was a struggle, but getting them out was harrowing. The narrow necks and abrupt tapers on many larger plugs don't fit most people's anatomy. We recommend using large toys that are designed by people who actually play with them. That way you'll get something that's designed to bring you tons of pleasure while pushing you farther along your journey.

When we set out to design a four-inch plug we wanted to make something that would give us that mind blowing stretch without requiring days to recover. The Grip 126 fills that void perfectly. At 12.6 inches around in a classic plug shape, it’s easy to control how quickly this plug slides into you. Once over the widest point, the large neck feels amazing holding you in a widely stretched position. Thanks to the length of the neck you'll still find it possible to stand up without dropping it. The Grip series is designed to hold in place, but not too easily. These plugs provide a perfect struggle between too big to hold and just the right dimensions to stay put.

The Grip is made of our signature medical grade platinum silicone. The super soft material has enough give to conform to your body but is firm enough to make sure you feel every inch of circumference. A wide neck also means that when it’s time to pull it out you won’t have to over struggle a painful blunt taper. In short, it's the perfect plug to get you into the four-inch club.

Need more convincing the Grip provides a fun ride? Take a look at InstantFist, CowaBunga, or FFWins wrapping their holes around the Grip 126.

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