The Grip and What Makes It The Best Cone Plug Out There

The Grip and What Makes It The Best Cone Plug Out There

The Research

We've been doing DEEP research on the classic cone plug for many years and have come away disappointed. The material is always too stiff and unforgiving, the ratio between maximum circumference to the base circumference is wrong, and the length of the base is either too short or too long to let our lips rest comfortably around the neck. At Topped, we understand that a toy is an investment towards your daily pleasure, and spending your hard-earned cash on something that doesn't fulfill (or fill) you can be a real pain in the ass (but not, y'know, the kind you want)

The Design

That's why we got a grip of ourselves and created The Grip family of plugs. Our design combines perfect anatomical design with our super soft platinum silicone for a stretch that leaves you feeling comfortably and completely filled. The Grip’s cone shape means your hole will stretch gradually, expanding your pleasure cavern to sizes you only imagined in your sluttiest dreams. After The Grip fills you up nice and gentle-like, it locks into place perfectly flush - where it stays for as long as you can stand it.

Wicked Minds

This is a plug that you’ll love pushing out thanks to the diabolical difference between the circumference of the neck and the widest point. As you progress, you’ll find yourself loving the pop as your sphincter closes onto the neck.

The Sizes

Familiarize yourself with the whole family, starting with the Grip 96 (9.6in/24.4cm) for starters. You can train up with the delicious Grip 106 (10.6in/ 27cm), the ample Grip 126 (12.6in/ 32cm), the immense Grip 134 (13.4in/ 34cm), and for very experienced expanders, the monumental Grip 144 (14.4in/ 37cm). Last but not least, we have the mammoth Grip 150 (15in) There is a size for every hungry hole out there.

Tried and Tested

Our R&D team has tested them all, and we're confident the Grip is the best cone plug you’ve ever used. We've experienced that emptiness inside as well, and we remember the days of walking around with a void crying out to be filled. With The Grip series from Topped Toys, that void will be filled for life. So why wait? Get a grip of yourself (or in yourself) today.

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