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Erebus, Erebus 120, Over Loading -

Erebus’s massive size will overload your senses as it fills your hole completely. Anyone consumed with a deep lust for large toys is intimately familiar with it: delirious and light-headed, stretched out on a massive toy and desperate for more, you suddenly feel it happening. Your hole gives in ever so slightly. The toy sinks in deeper, and before you know it, it’s buried deep to the hilt. You gasp. Your eyes roll back. And all you want is more.This is the domain of Erebus, god of deep darkness and shadow. And you are now firmly in his realm, just as...

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HD, Hilt, Hilt 115, Hilt 125, Over Loading -

Every dedicated toy enthusiast knows about the endless search for the perfect toy. We spend our nights dreaming of the next size, or the perfect shape to rock your body and blow your mind. The Hilt is made from those dreams.As a vers player with a love of bdsm, I’ve spent years learning about my wiring and the headspace of power exchange. Putting a sub deep into submission and exploiting their pleasure and pain to take them to new heights, and being abused by a skilled dom, is one of my favourite things. When I’m thinking of new designs these...

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