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As a furry, it’s no secret that we have a penchant for fantasy-oriented toys. The problem with most of these is that they’re designed purely for looks, with considerations for actual rideability and pleasure taking a back seat. The more ‘canid’ style toys have always been a favourite of mine, what with decently long shafts for riding and a large knot at the base for plugging or grinding on. Even then, with any that I’ve played with the problem is often either the shaft being too long or the knot being too bulbous, so you can’t really work yourself onto...

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HD Edition Topped Toys: A Wild Ride Ok so first off, let's start with opening the box. Until you get the packaging off the toy, it appears deceptively like a standard Topped Toy: brilliantly blue (or the mystifyingly fun swirled black clouds in a sea of red) and hole wateringly soft and squishy. Inside that clear protective wrapper is a whole new world though, as the toy isn't rubbery smooth silicone-like standard Topped Toys. The HD finish leaves the toy less glossy looking and much more velvety to the touch.I (sadly) received my HD finish toy in the middle of...

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