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The following is based on personal experience and learning from many rides & reps on the Grip series of toys. Understand that everyone’s body is different and will need a training plan that meets their body, ability, and goals.  The Grip is a cone-shaped plug designed to really pop into place and be a challenge to remove. That’s why you see a dramatic tapering to the neck. You’ll understand what I mean when it pops into place. The tight taper also makes the base of this plug look delicious with your lips stretched around it. The combination of these traits on...

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This Canadian toy company sent me a plug recently, the Grip 134, pictured above. Grip has made quite a splash in my hole, let me tell you! At first glance it's got that classic cone shape of any standard plug; but look closer at the dimensions - or better yet, sit down on it - and you'll see that this is no ordinary plug.

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