SwitchTwinkXL Goes Deep With Hilt and Spike

SwitchTwinkXL Goes Deep With Hilt and Spike

I’m gonna be honest: I’m a slut for being stretched out, through and through.

For me, nothing beats the sensation of a thick cock, toy, or fist working its way up my hole, stretching me open to my limit—only for it to sink in impossibly deeper.

When I decided to explore depth play and up my game from good old-fashioned hole stretching to taking longer, slimmer toys, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone. Luckily, Topped Toys has just what you need for delving into the deeper recesses of pleasure: Hilt and Spike.

These two bad boys were built to be naughty (knotty?). The Hilt is beautifully curved and fashioned, with smooth lines that come together at a wickedly thick base knot that will have you gasping when it pops in. By contrast, the Spike is tapered all the way, incrementally widening to its maximum, just before the plug’s neck. 

Whichever of the two you pick, prepare to give your second hole a good stretching! 

With the Hilt, the sensation of it sinking in is one of overwhelming, sudden fullness in every direction; after conquering the shaft, you really need to drive hard to get the knot in—but when it pops in, prepare for an explosive stretch that will leave you completely and utterly fucked!

With the Spike, the sensation builds gradually as you conquer one ridge, and then the next. As you work past your second hole, the Spike’s width picks up as it sinks deeper and deeper, slowly stretching you out until you are fucking both holes open with seamless ease. The first time I rode it, my toes curled as I felt the 16” long toy slowly snake past my second hole, while the over 12” round base made sure I got my first hole stretched out nice and wide.

Both of these toys are intoxicating, but it’s worth covering a few pointers to make sure your experience with depth play is as pleasurable as it can be. 

First, it’s essential to be in tune with your body.

Many intermediate players soon learn to distinguish pleasurable stretching from painful strain when challenging their holes with wider widths. In depth play, however, things can poke you in unexpected spots, many of which are not used to be poked! For many, this can lead to a pinging moment of recoil, where your body is afraid you’ve gotten prodded in the wrong place. This can take some time to overcome, so patience and gentle guidance is required. 

Second, lube is essential. 

I’m not talking just a one and done application: each time I take a depth toy out for a breather, I reapply lube from tip to base. This helps ensure that your toy can glide comfortably past bends and curves as it goes deeper into your ass, without hitting a snag. Picking a lube that forms long strands—like X Lube—will also help make sure there’s enough slickness staying on the toy as it sinks in further. 

Lastly, embrace unconventional positioning. 

Everyone’s body is different, which is something to celebrate! Learning what works best for you—how you want to start off taking your toy, when and where to shift positions—is part of the fun of self-exploration with toys like the Hilt and Spike. A slight redirection can make all the difference, so don’t feel reluctant to explore! I’ve found that one angle works best for taking Spike past my second hole, but that I need to redirect a bit in order to let my hole swallow up the base.

For a more controlled second hole workout, I recommend starting off slowly with Spike, and then taking on Hilt and its thick knot and curved shaft. If you pick up one of the larger sizes, throwing in some width play with a Gape Keeper can help you overcome the base knot of Hilt or the final rung of Spike. Either way you pair them and use them, these toys will have you moaning and gasping for air while both your holes get the stretching they deserve!

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