Shop in Your Local Currency at

Shop in Your Local Currency at

Shopping with Topped Toys just got easier with support for most major currencies including USD, EU, GBP, MXN, JPY, BLR, AUD, and CHP!

Selecting your currency is easy, when you visit you'll have the option to choose your currency in a popup. Once you make your selection you'll see pricing and checkout in that currency.

To change your currency choice use the selector at the bottom of the page.

The ability to process transactions in multiple currencies has long been a goal for us at Topped Toys. Providing this service simplifies the buying experience and reduces the transaction cost for our international customers. We are proud to continue to lead the industry in offering an accessible, sex-positive, and safe fetish brand to the world through our payment and shipping practices.

Supported Currencies


Canada - $CAD

Europe - EU


Mexico - MXN

Japan - JPY