Muscle Motivation: Do Your Home Workout Plugged

Muscle Motivation: Do Your Home Workout Plugged

Home workouts are not usually that exciting, but you can make them a lot more fun by doing these exercises plugged!

Some have called us Topped boys sex-addicted. True or not, we like to turn our overwhelming appetite to good use. Staying in shape is no exception. Usually our motivation to hit the gym (and the steam room) after a day of work is the prospect of seeing some sweaty, worked out specimen as we do our squats. You know the type- stringer tank, compression shorts, 6 hours a day on the bench press. They make our mouths water and give us something to push for.

In this time of pandemic finding that motivation to keep it tight (not that tight) without the eye candy is proving difficult. With gyms closed we’re left with the home workout. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to make it fun and get your head back in the gutter where it belongs.

Add a plug to your workout routine and you just might find that spark you’ve been missing. Here are a few exercises that are exceptionally fun to do while plugged.

  • Squats. Obviously doing some squats while straining to hold a plug in is fun. Stick your ass out with every drop and feel your muscles suck it in a little deeper.
  • Lunges. A lot like squats, but if you’re stepping out far enough you’ll feel the plug twist a little inside you. Pro tip- the asymmetrical base of a Gape Keeper will rub your lips nicely with this one.
  • Glute Bridges. You'll wonder if that plug is going to suck all the way in or get squeezed out as you build a perky bubble butt with these hip extensions.
  • Sit Ups. Hook your feet under something and start your set. Every time you reach the top of your sit up you’ll find your weight on the plug. Choose something that sits deep in you to really feel this one.
  • Planks. You know how tight all of your muscles get in a plank. Now feel that tightness around a nice wide plug like The Grip. Maybe you’ll set a record. Or maybe you’ll get distracted. Squeeze your glutes together for some bonus points.
  • Shoulders & Arms. You can enjoy upper body workouts as well. Just choose a nice hard surface to sit on while you do some dumbbell work with your shoulders and arms.
  • Push ups - great for your pecs, shoulders, upper body and stabilizers. Try alternating with legs wide apart and close together. It will challenge your core muscles and your plug holding muscles too. You may like it so much you'll add another set.

If there’s one thing we know at Topped Toys, it’s that being plugged can make most anything more fun. So why not try to reinvigorate your pandemic workout routine while you're at it!? And if any of you are runners, we wouldn’t object to seeing a few boys doing a plugged 5k in lycra. Just a suggestion. Pics welcome. Please.

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