Mountie Toys is now Topped Toys

When we first envisioned our toy company we wanted to find a name  that was playful, inclusive, and highlighted our Canadian origins. Mountie Toys had all of these qualities and an innuendo that seemed charged for a wealth of future puns and word play.

Our initial thoughts about Mountie mostly revolved around the idea that we would be designing the toys that we've always wanted, and sharing those designs with others. You could say our minds were in the gutter. You could still say our minds are in the gutter. We did not foresee the rapid growth that we've experienced, or the worldwide audience our brand would attract. In light of that, we've had to recognize that the Mountie Toys name may have potential conflicts. That's why we're excited to continue creating amazing toys under our new name, Topped Toys.

We hope you will all continue to support us as we expand our product line (among other things) on this fantastic adventure in pursuing our passions.

Save a horse, ride a Mountie. Get Topped.

Michel, Rod, & Owen
The Topped Team