The Grip 96 - Getting A Grip On My Training

The Grip 96 - Getting A Grip On My Training

The Grip 96, while having a somewhat standard-seeming buttplug design, is anything but standard. Previously, the widest toy I could take somewhat comfortably was a very firm 9.1” plug, with very little taper from tip-to-full-width.. it wrecked my hole good, but instead of finishing a session feeling accomplished, I just felt sore. Much to my surprise, the Grip’s wonderfully smooth tip and soft, forgiving silicone taper easily pushed my hole open, and before I knew it I had pushed over the edge of the flare and was locked in! 

Making a half-inch leap in girth practically really blew me away! The edge of the flare is perfectly rounded so as not to be uncomfortable to pop your ring over, and the neck of the plug is just enough of a step down in girth to keep you plugged firmly while keeping your ass cranked open. The Grip 96’s shape makes it as easy to plug and clench on for a couple hours of gaming on the couch as it is to ride and pop on the flare for some extra hard training! 

This one has definitely earned a spot in my heart (and hole), and I can’t wait till I can upgrade my hole to take the Grip 106 next!

- Your Local Test Furry