Going Full Tilt on the New Hilt 95

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Going Full Tilt on the New Hilt 95

As a furry, it’s no secret that we have a penchant for fantasy-oriented toys.

The problem with most of these is that they’re designed purely for looks, with considerations for actual rideability and pleasure taking a back seat. The more ‘canid’ style toys have always been a favourite of mine, what with decently long shafts for riding and a large knot at the base for plugging or grinding on. Even then, with any that I’ve played with the problem is often either the shaft being too long or the knot being too bulbous, so you can’t really work yourself onto them to enjoy the whole thing. I mean as badly as I want to get tied like a bitch, even I wouldn’t impale myself just to take a cruddy knot!

Topped Toys has had a couple sizes of the Hilt series for a while, and I’ve always drooled over them. Their shapes are so bold, so refined, almost Art Deco in aesthetic. I knew what my ass craved. But alas, both the Hilt 115 and Hilt 125 (with 11.5” and 12.5” knots, respectively) were still outside my range. I know I’d have a hard time taming either of them for now. Yet right before Christmas, the newest Hilt launch is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for!

The new Hilt 95 stands proud with its larger brothers at a decent 9” of insertable shaft which, much to my surprise, is still long enough to give my second hold a little stretch! The head’s shape actually reminds me of the ‘aero clip’ design on Parker pens; it is sleek and tapered enough to slide right in, giving your ass little choice but to invite this puppy inside. The shaft has a gentle bulge in the middle, teasing you and preparing you for the thoughtfully crafted 9.5” knot ahead. Unlike other canid toys I’ve tried, there is a bit of an angle to the knot itself. It is tilted gently forward to literally guide itself in as it pries you open, culminating in a perfect *pop* once it’s in there. It’s such a perfect stretch for me: I still have to work for the knot, but once I’ve earned it I can knot-fuck my hole into oblivion. Despite being smaller than its hefty brothers, you feel it when it’s all in you~

The Hilt 95's textured-finish is absolutely mind-blowing.

This toy also has something entirely new to me, which I’d seen mentioned in other Topped Toys series but hadn’t yet tried. The HD Finish gives the toy a matte texture, which is velvety to the touch. While this proves to be very handy for holding onto lube much better than your average toy, it also ensures that you feel every fucking inch as it slides in. It’s the first toy I’ve played with that has such a finish to the silicone, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing. Even as I write this, I have a hard time bringing the sensation into words. My hole was so used to smooth, glossy toys, that even when I got the tip in it was a shock of pure lust to my system. I instantly sank onto it and started riding with no remorse. Finally, a knotted toy that I could enjoy every inch of, with a texture that makes my cunt go crazy for more!!

I’d been looking for a toy that does everything the Hilt 95 can do for far too long, and here it is! Needless to say it’s definitely my new favourite toy!! It stretches great, it feels great, and honestly it’s simply beautiful to look at (I’ll be keeping this one on my desk as a decoration~). I knew the Hilt series was one I just had to get into, and get into me someday, and with this new entry-level size, I’ve been opened up to the whole line. If the 95 is already this fun, I can’t wait for the 115!

But if you think you're ready for the 115 already, check out this blog post about how this big puppy can absolutely overload your senses~

~Your local test furry 💙💜