"Inescapably stuffed and spread open...": An Ode To The Topped Toys Grip Collection, by @FfillyF

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"Inescapably stuffed and spread open...": An Ode To The Topped Toys Grip Collection, by @FfillyF

During quarantine, the Topped Toys Grip Collection of plugs opened me wide, made me gape, and kept my hungry hole deeply satisfied, all the while opening me up to a new world of stretched out sensation. Even by last fall, fisting friends were complaining that they were falling out of practice due to lack of play. Not me. No partners, no problem! 

In Summer 2020, I stumbled upon Jazzamatazz's Little Fisting Blog, in which he waxes poetic about The Grip 134 ["Grip 134 and Me: A Love Story by Jazzmatazz"]. My stretchy hole has always been drawn to width play and cone shaped plugs. I love feeling inescapably stuffed and spread open, wearing large plugs with wide necks. Plug up, lock on the plug harness, set a timer, and see you later! I had already become fairly experienced with taking doubles, and according to Jazz's description of The Grip 134: “it's double fist practice: ain't no top gonna keep his hands inside you patiently for 30 minutes while you get used to the stretch!”

Consider me sold. I needed this plug! 


For my first Grip, I debated between The Grip 126 and The Grip 134. I decided to go big and go with the The Grip 134 because of Jazz's luscious description of what it did to his insides -- rearranging the furniture, as it were. Better to have a goal than to have a plug that you think is too small, am I right? 

I ordered The Grip 134 in September 2020, and no joke, it changed my butt. It popped in on the first try, locking it deeply inside me. My favorite part of this plug (and the whole series!) is how it keeps my hole stretched and dilated. Stretched inside with a wide open dilated hole. I initially thought it was a pinch too long, though, as it tickled my inner sphincter a bit too much for comfort. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I kept at it. The third time I took it, shortly after it settled into place, I was overcome with the need to cum, which I quickly did. From that point on, I was hooked! I became addicted to the stretch, which is simultaneously comfortable and unrelenting. I learned to keep it in for minutes at a time, can now walk around with it in, exercise (a little) with it in, and the like. All the while feeling comfortably and deliciously split in half. I loved it, but after a few months, I knew I needed more.

I yearned for a bigger stretch. 


So, I ordered The Grip 144 in December. I could not wait for it to arrive, and when it did, I rushed downstairs to the playroom to see what it was all about. And what it was about was a huge, gaping stretch vastly different from The Grip 134. In my hole, The Grip 134 pops in and stays tightly locked in place. The Grip 144 fits in my butt, but doesn't lock in the same way. It gives me more of a gentle tug on the outer ring of my hole, and I have to breathe more intentionally and work to relax to keep from pushing it out. In a way, though, The Grip 144 is more comfortable to me for longer term wear than The Grip 134, despite its girthier size. It drives me wild, playing tug of war with my insides, alternating between pressure against my inner ass lips and the entrance to my sigmoid, opening me up deeper. When this plug is in and I'm hanging out on my knees, I can feel it move ever so gently deeper, getting more and more settled into me. It's so addicting. There was one point where I had to put it in me eight days in a row, because all I could think about was laying on my back, legs up, with this plug stretching me to new heights as it seems to gently apply pressure in two directions. After a while, though, and after a conversation with my friend Drexrub about his Grip 150.. 

I took the plunge and bought the big boy. 


My Grip 150 was ordered in mid-February. I didn't take it all the way the first time. When I eventually did, though, I gasped realizing that my hole was expanding in ways it never had before. It is an insane stretch for me, and takes deep relaxation and concentration. It feels so wild to know how stretched out I am with it in. The Grip 150 doesn't feel so much wider than The Grip 144, but it certainly is bigger and deeper, which is where I think my struggle with it lies. It is getting easier though, and now that I am working myself with The Grip 150, The Grip 144 has become so much more comfortable for longer term wear. After stretching with The Grip 150, recently, I was able to keep The Grip 144 in me for a total of about 25 minutes, which is a new personal record! I moaned and carried on, and it was delicious. 

I don't yet know to what heights The Grip 150 will take me, but I know that with all three of these massive plugs, I am greedier, more open, more ass focused, and more adventurous than ever; solo and with others. As I began playing with my regulars again (post vaccination), they have commented on my hole's newfound talents. Double punches are much easier and my endurance (already fairly high) is up, too. These Grip plugs are divine, and each one has a unique personality offering differently intense sensations. Through them, I have not only enjoyed solo play during quarantine, but have been able to hone and deepen my mind/hole connection. I am a better fister as a result, even after an extended period without play partners. Ok, now I need to head back to the playroom…

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