Extended Wear: Topped Toys Gape Keeper 93: A Pussypup’s Experience With Long Term Wear & Overnight Plugging 

Extended Wear: Topped Toys Gape Keeper 93: A Pussypup’s Experience With Long Term Wear & Overnight Plugging 

Overnight plugging and long-term wear was something I had dreamed of ever since I started playing with my butt and wearing a plug for a few hours at a time. 

Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights I was plugged for twenty-six straight hours and averaging nine to ten hours at night. For around a total of 81 hours or about 3.4 days. The things that this Gape Keeper did to my butt were amazing. It left my hole gaping and wanting to be played with all day. I could feel my thong string rubbing sensually between my protruding lips with every movement throughout the day. Sleeping with the 93 prepared my lips for what they were going to get once I got home from work. The visible daily transformation it was conducting on my already wrecked hole continued long into the day as my hole failed to snap back to shape. Being constantly stretched worked my inner guts causing them to fall further out of my hole and into the air for all to see. My Gape Keeper was turning me into the slut I always wanted to be. 

Sleeping at night while plugged is an experience that is hard to describe. The first night came, and I was a little nervous as I got ready. I found that plugging about 30 mins before bed helped the plug get settled as my body got used to being penetrated. I’m a side & stomach sleeper, which helped to prevent pressure on the plug all night. As the night went on I could feel the plug in me sending peaceful thoughts into my hole and up to my brain. Those first few nights were some of the most magical nights I have had in a while. Being plugged put me into a headspace that I can not describe. It just felt right for a slutty pussy pup. I felt as it was meant to be; I was plugged, locked in a nub chastity cage, my key holder's collar wrapped around my neck, and wearing a thong to hold the plug in place. 

Over the course of the next few nights I could feel the plug settling deeper and deeper into my hole as my insides adjusted to the new routine. The Gape Keeper worked its secret magic breaking down and molding my hole around it. Each morning my hole gripped the plug tight wanting to keep it for itself like it was now part me. As I pulled it from my loosened hole it left me gaping, leaking, and in such a happy headspace. I felt like I was fulfilling my true destiny knowing that my hole was getting permanently looser. As I was nearing the end of the seven night assignment, I knew that I would continue to explore sleeping plugged. I was already dreaming of wearing the Gape Keeper 93 for a bit longer before moving up a size to the 100 and then 108. The goal one day is to sleep plugged by the huge Gape Keeper 128. One day soon that may happen, but many more nights of peaceful plugging will be needed. A pussy pup can dream!

The shape of the Gape Keeper fits perfectly into your hole.  It fills you in a way that conforms to your body and pushes deeper than most plugs do, giving you a longer and deeper stretch. The base is just the right size to help lock into place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. All the Topped Toys are made from super soft premium platinum silicone that forms to your inner curves extremely well. The flexibility really allowed me to move and go about my day as I did, running errands all over town while still keeping my hole gaped.

Finding the right size plug is key. Something too big will be uncomfortably challenging. Something too small won't provide the stretch you want and might slide out if you're really loose. Buying plugs in pairs allows you to see the difference between sizes and also gives you some flexibility to accommodate days your body may want to wear a different size.

Even though I can take double fists regularly, I enjoy the 93 best for long term wear because it settles into my hole perfectly. I know its back there working me open but it isn’t uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. You will be happily surprised by what the toys in the Gape Keeper collection will do to your hole with the right amount of time. 

Wearing a plug long term takes some planning and preparation. I like to warm my hole up a bit before sliding the plug in for the day. Warming up will get you  in the right mindset to accept your fate. It also gives you time to work plenty of fresh lube into your hole. I use Xlube but there are other brands available too,  you just need to find out what works best for your body. Then when I'm all set I slide my plug of choice in and will myslef to suck it into a comfortable place. Set your stopwatch and see how long you can go!

Don't forget to be patient and listen to your body. Remember it's not a race to the biggest. Enjoy the stretch and how being plugged can add excitement to your day or night!

Rapid Fire Q&A About Plugging Overnight & Long-term: 

  • What type of lube do you use and how does it not dry out? 
    • XLube
    • I generally will lube very well before putting the toy in, then reapply every 4-6 hours as well as a heavy dose right before bed.
  • How do you know “go” 
    • I almost always clean out daily, but I do a deeper clean when I know I’m going to plug up. Eating right the days leading up to your task also really helps. I also remove the plug to pee as it can make it difficult to do so. This is a good opportunity to reapply lube. 
  • Do you play before plugging? 
    • Yes, generally with the plug itself or an equally sized toy. This really helps me get lubed up deep enough.
  • How do you keep it in at night
    • Underwear like a thong that applies gentle pressure will help hold it in place.
  • What size should I start out with? 
Want to find which Gape Keeper sizes are right for you? Read our fitting guide blog!