Automatic Currency Conversion. How Does it Work?

How much is that plug in... Yen?

Topped Toys are proudly made in Canada, and our store is set up to accept Canadian dollars ($CAD). But if you're shopping from another country, you can see prices converted to your local currency. The converted prices are based on the latest conversion rates. These rates may be slightly different than the rates your financial institution uses.

Automatic Currency Selection

Our store is smart. So smart that it can detect your country and automatically display prices in your currency. If you're browsing in private mode or have certain privacy settings enabled we may not be able to see which currency to display. Luckily you can select your currency of choice using the flag symbol dropdown in the upper right corner of our site. Of course, if you're just curious about the price in Yen you can manually set the store to the currency of your choice.

Check Out

While local prices are displayed on product pages, once you reach the checkout page you'll see prices revert to Canadian dollars. That's because we're Canadian and our bank likes to take one currency.

Shipping prices in the checkout process are also not converted, so expect to see those in Canadian dollars, as well.

When you pay, you'll pay in Canadian dollars and your financial institution will convert your funds accordingly based on their policies.