Chemical Burns on Silicone Toys

Chemical burns happen when plasticizers from PVC/vinyl toys get on a silicone toy. These chemicals leach out of cheaper rubber toys as the toys degrade over time. They are so strong that when they get on a silicone toy they break the bonds in platinum cured silicone, resulting in a gooey burned area on the toy.

A toy with a chemical burn will become sticky or gooey at the point of contact. If the plasticizing chemicals were transferred through lube, the burn may be a tackiness to the entire surface of the toy.

It’s hard to remove plasticizing chemicals once they have contaminated a silicone toy. Soap and water won’t clean them off. Cleaning the burned area several times with acetone can eventually stop the melting. Make sure you wash the toys well with soap and water to remove any acetone before use.

Keep in mind, direct contact isn’t the only way plasticizers can get on your silicone toy. Plasticizers are very strong chemicals. They will soak into porous surfaces and fabrics that have been used to hold vinyl toys, and then be transferred onto silicone toys from those materials. Lube can also become contaminated and carry the chemicals from vinyl to silicone toys. So always store your platinum silicone toys separately with their own set of fabric bags or towels.

Our premium platinum silicone is lab certified for skin contact applications and is very stable. When properly cared for, it doesn’t leach toxic chemicals or break down over time like other cheaper materials. That’s why platinum silicone is the best material for making sex toys.

For more information on the proper care and storage of your platinum silicone toys, you can click here!